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Full Version: Bolt Socket manufacturers
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The rail sleeve are what we call plastic dowel, nylon dowel, plastic insert, it is prepressed in the concrete sleeper and used together with the screw spikes.
The material for the rail plastic sleeve is glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 or HDPE.
HDPE rail plastic seelve:
We have supplied different types of HDPE rail plastic sleeves such as sdu9, sdu25, sdu26, sdu27
Tensile strengthMpa≥19
Melting point℃170-190
Insulation resistanceΩ≥1*1010
Pulling strengthKN≥75
Shanghai Bosheng Industries is specialized in the supplying of rails, turnouts and various rail fastening materials such as rail fishplate, tie plate, rail clips, screw spikes, rail anchors, rail shoulder, rail pads and so on.Bolt Socket manufacturers