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Full Version: Epoxy Insulation Rod And Tube factory
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Phenolic Cotton Insulation Rod is a molded rod manufactured from high quality cotton fabric which is bonded with a phenolic resin. Rods are available ground or machined to size required in diameters of up to 100mm.
* Product Name: Phenolic Cotton Insulation Rod
* Available Size: D6-200mm, Length <2440mm or customized.
* MOQ: 100 pcs.
* Color: Natural Green.
Widely used in a variety of applications of Electric equipment, Aeronautical industries, Insulating structural components, Motor, and electric appliances.
Our Product Advantages:
鈥?Excellent physical, mechanical, and dielectric properties
鈥ithstand all kinds of machining
鈥xcellent machinability
鈥echanical properties and electric properties
1. Q: Are you a factory?
A: Yes, we are the manufacturer with export license under 1000tons production capacity.
2. Q: How about the delivery time?
A: Standard lead time will be 7-15days, and depends on order quantity too.
3. Q: Can I get free sample for check?
A: Normally small size can be provided for free and customers just need to absorb the express charges.Epoxy Insulation Rod And Tube factory