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Intake&exhaust Mainfold Gasket Stamping Die factory - tanyang - 06-30-2020

3 layers metal exhaust manifold gasket compound stamping die

Place of Origin: Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Item Number: 12G14-01
Part material:SUS301,SUS304,cold steel, tin plate,fiber,etc.
Description:Exhaust manifold gasket stamping cutting tool
Packing:Wooden case
Delivery time:30-40 days after confirming design and drawing
Regarding die material, we have 45#,Cr12mov,SKH-9,SKD11,D2,EM2,1.2379,etc. We can manufacture as customers’ requirements.
We have 27 years manufacturing experience of cylinder head gasket and sealing gasket stamping die.

Below is some our technical details for your reference:
Good Quality: Mould Life(metal gasket) is 800 000--1000 000pcs; Compound gasket is 2000 000pcs;
Sample Map Tolerance: <0.15mm;
Stamping Burr: <0.005mm;
Molybdenum Thread EDM Cutting machine:  0.03/300;
Copper Thread EDM cutting machine: 0.025/500;

Tooling Design
From the beginning of the project, our company technical staff will maintain smooth communication with customers to achieve perfect design.  Ensuring quality meanwhile to achieve customers' requirements.Intake&exhaust Mainfold Gasket Stamping Die factory