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China uf water filters - tanyang - 06-30-2020

Production Description of UF Ultrafiltration Water Purifier Treatment System
Hollow fiber ultra filtration system is a film separation technology used to separate, condense, and distill the macromolecule. Ultra filter separation undertakes in the normal temperature and low pressure, without state change. It feautres simple structure, easy operation, wide usage, and strong general capacity. UF Ultrafiltration Water Purifier Treatment System is widely used in the Sewage Water treatment, food industry, ferment industry, medicine industry, environment industry, and chemical industry.
UF processes are currently preferred over traditional water treatment methods for the following reasons:
1) No chemicals required (aside from cleaning)
2) Constant product quality regardless of feed quality
3) Compact plant size
4) Capable of exceeding regulatory standards of water quality, achieving 90–100% pathogen removal
Flow Chart of UF Water TreatmentChina uf water filters