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China Photovoltaic Surge Protection suppliers - ae293020ou - 07-29-2020

Model   No.FV30B+C/3-800PV(S)FV30B+C/3-1000PV(S)FV30B+C/3-1500PV(S)
Test class IEC/EN/VDEClass   I+II/B+C/ T1 T2
Type of NetworkPhotovoltaic   system
Protection Mode+/-      PE  、-/+   PE 、+/-      -/+
Nominal voltage 50(60)Hz UN800V dc1000V dc1500V dc
Rated Voltage (Max. Cont. Operating   Voltage) UCPV825V dc1060V dc1800V dc
Max. discharge current(8/20μs)Im ax60kA
Nominal discharge current (8/20μs) In30kA
Impulse current(10/350μS)Ii mp7kA
Voltage protective level Up≤3.6kV≤4.0kV≤6.0kV
Response time tA≤25ns
Recommended back-up fuse160A
Isolation resistance>102 MΩ
I/O ConnectionsMulti core   wire:6mm2 ~35mm2
Mounting35mm Symmetrical   rai(l   EN50022/DIN46277-3)
Operation   temperature range / humidity / altitude-40℃~+80℃ / 30%~90% / 3000m
Degree of protectionIP20
Housing materialUL94 V-0
Disconnection indicatorMechanical   indicator (Red: replace)
Remote control contactOptional
Port definition of remote control contactRange of signal accessRecommended wire specification
Imax≤0.5ASingle core wireMax≤1.5mm2
Imax≤0.1AMulti core wireMax≤1.3mm2
Remark:if the model number is without "S",the model is without remote control contact functionChina Photovoltaic Surge Protection suppliers