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Off Grid Solar suppliers
The product can be used for 800w appliances 24 hours a day; if the battery is fully charged, it can support 1200w appliances for 5 hours. A total of 20kwh of electricity can be generated per day, and every day from 10:00 to 15:00. The system supports the use of 1200w electrical appliances to charge the battery at the same time.
System Appearance
GP-20000 Parameters
System   Parameters
System Voltage (V)48V
PV Modules
Capacity of PV Modules (Wp)4000Wp
Storage Battery
Capacity of Battery (Wh)10000Wh
Voltage of Battery (V)48V
Material   of BatteryLithium Iron Phosphate锛圠iFePO4)
Ambient   Temperature of BatteryDischarging: -20鈩儈60鈩冿紱Charging:   -5鈩儈60鈩?/p>
Cycle Times of Battery3000 Times
MPPT Solar   Charging Controller
Control ModeMPPT
Rated Input Voltage (V)48V
Input Voltage   Range (V)40.0~58.4V
Rated Input Current (A)50A
Max Charging Current (A)60A
Rated Power (W)4000W
Transfer Efficiency96%
Battery Undervoltage Protection鈮?0.0V Protect, 鈮?4.0V   Recover
Battery   Overvoltage Protection鈮?8.0V Protect, 鈮?4.0V Recover
Cooling Mode鈮?2鈩?Fan Start, 鈮?5鈩?Fan   Stop
Over-temperature   Protection鈮?0鈩?Protect, 鈮?5鈩?Recover
Short-circuit ProtectionAutomatic recovery after   troubleshooting.
Rated Output (V)AC 220V
Rated Current (A)22.7A
Rated Output Frequency (Hz)50Hz
Output Frequency Range47Hz~60Hz
Rated Output Power (W)5000W
Max Output Power (W)5500W
Transfer   Efficiency鈮?5%
Rated Voltage (V)48V
Input Voltage Range (V)40.0V~58.0V
Rated Current (A)60A
Over Current Protection鈮?5.3A
Short-circuit ProtectionAutomatic recovery after   short-circuit fault relief.
Over-temperature   Protection鈮?2鈩?Fan Start, 鈮?5鈩?Fan Stop
System Input
PV Input2 sets
Diesel/petrol Generator1 set
Power Grid1 set
System Output
12V Stabilized   Output鈥?/p>
5V Stabilized Output鈥?/p>
220V   Output4 sets锛? of them is bus   output
Working   Environment
Working   Temperature/humidityTemp. -10鈩?50鈩? Humidity 5%-95% (Non-condensing)
Storage Temperature/humidityTemp. -40鈩?80鈩? Humidity   5%-95% (Non-condensing)
Altitude0-4000 m. On the basis of 2000m, the temperature   will decrease by 1 鈩?/p>
for   every 200m rise.Off Grid Solar suppliers

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