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Release Notes
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- NEW: Kinematic Steering Behaviours.
- NEW: Dynamic Steering Behaviours.
- NEW: Complex Steering Behaviours (Blended and Priority Steering).
- NEW: Debug Visualisations for all (relevant) Steering Behaviours.
- NEW: Added Multiple Edit capability to SteeringBehaviourManager classes.
- FIX: Fixed bug where some prefabs would lose their data when transitioning to Play Mode.
- FIX: Fixed issue of compilation errors for platform builds due to Editor code.
- NEW: Added script that allows you to sort the hierarchy in the old AlphaNumeric way.
- NEW: Added option to Seek and Flee behaviours to allow them to move in current  direction if no target is set instead of providing no steering as before.
- NEW: Modified the design of the SteeringSubject to facilitate future updates.
- NEW: Made widespread documentation improvements.
- NEW:    Added Steering Behaviour Database to manage Steering Behaviour configurations. Can be used to save and load configurations at runtime.
- NEW:    Added GUIColour utility tool to help with setting colours in Editor GUIs.
- NEW:    Added Kinematic Cohesion Steering Behaviour.
- FIX:    Fixed issue where adding Blended Behaviours caused errors in Unity GUI.
- FIX:    Fixed issue where adding Priority Behaviour Groups caused errors in Unity GUI.
- FIX:    Fixed bug where Kinematic Arrive behaviour was set as standard Arrive behaviour.
- FIX:    Fixed bug where Kinematic Align2D behaviour was set as standard Align2D behaviour.
- DEL:    Removed Obstacle Avoidance behaviours prior to big rework as there are a number of issues with the current implementation. Will be restored in next release.
- NEW:    Added Help options to commonly used MonoBehaviours. You can now open documentation by clicking the context menu in the inspector for the relevant script and selecting Help.
- NEW:    Added Preferences for Steering Behaviours. View at Edit->Preferences->AI Toolkit.
- NEW:    Separation Colliders can now be set for use with Separation or Cohesion behaviours.
- NEW:    Added a number of new demos.
- NEW:    Moved Debug GUI for separation colliders from behaviours to the collider itself.
- NEW:    Added ability to Copy/Paste Steering Behaviours.
- FIX:    Added missing Debug GUI for Face2D Steering Behaviour.
- FIX:    Fixed bug where Kinematic Cohesion behaviour was set as standard Cohesion behaviour.
- FIX:    Fixed issue where behaviours displaying Separation Collider debug GUI would not always display in correct location when not in play mode in the editor.
- FIX:    Set better default values for Steering Subject Settings.
- FIX:    Fixed issue where the data in some Steering Behaviours were not being initialised all the time as expected.
- FIX:    Implemented missing functionality for Auto-Updating Steering Subjects.
- FIX:    Fixed issue with Separation Collider where it would not detect collisions correctly with other Separation Colliders with a radius.
- FIX:    Fixed issue with CustomShapesUtils where creating a new shape would invalidate any objects using the same mesh.
- NEW:    Added option to set an offset from the target for the ALign2D data class which makes it far more powerful and useful. Defaults to 0 offset (align with target).
- FIX:    Fixed issue with various delegated Steering Behaviours where dynamic input data was not being updated correctly. This caused some of the delegated behaviours to function incorrectly.
- FIX:    Fixed error message in Wander2D behaviour where dynamic data was not getting destroyed correctly when leaving play mode in the editor.
- FIX:    Refactored Debug Drawing methods for Steering Behaviours so they all call their base versions. Added method to update subject and target of behaviour in base method to fix issue in some behaviours in editor where GUI displayed in wrong location when not in play mode.
- FIX:    Tidied up Steering Behaviour Manager Custom Editor to more accurately display current configuration information.
- FIX:    Refactored a lot of methods in EditorOnly partial classes to make their method names more explicit to client code - They should all end _EditorOnly.
- FIX:    Split SteeringBehaviourBase in to 2 partial classes with 1 as an EditorOnly class. This makes it conform with conventions elsewhere. Methods in EditorOnly class have been replaced with EditorOnly variants - old methods have been made obsolete.

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