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China Refrigeration Canned Motor Pump
Structural characteristics
Series CNF refrigeration pump is one with a single stage and in a high-pressure
Internal circulation mode. Part of medium is diverted from the high-pressure
Zone at the impeller outlet, and capacity through a filter net into
The shaft central hole, where it is further pressurized by the auxiliary impeller
Before coming into the rotor chamber of the canned motor, and finally, it
Returns to the high-pressure zone at the impeller outlet. This kind of high-pressure
Internal circulation mode ensures sufficiently the pressure in the rotor
Chamber of the canned motor to keep media from vaporizing in the pump
(See Figure 2). That diversion also has a function of cooling the canned motor,
Lubricating the slide bearing.
In traditional refrigeration canned motor pump (see Figure 3), the vaporizing
Point is the most likely to get very close to saturation vapor pressure or even
Go beyond the pressure line sometimes, resulting in a reduced pressure in
The motor chamber leading to a vaporization phenomenon. The slide bearing
Becomes worn easily due to generation of dry friction. Furthermore, gas
Exhaust piping should be provided during field installation.China Refrigeration Canned Motor Pump

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