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Constant Temperature Ventilation Laboratory price
Located in Wuxi,Jiangsu Province ,P.R.China, It is an well-known industrial city in the middle of Yangtze River Delta leading by Shanghai. Wuxi Clean Room System Engineering location is 100 kilometers away from Shanghai and 150 kilometers away from Nanjing, with convenient communications and vantage point. It is a construction enterprise with National Class B qualification(remark: Class B is the top class for this  kind of enterprise in China)specialized in the design and installation of various classes of clean room. We have leading advantage on clean-room design and engineering, and rich experience on international project management. We provide professional clean room design & construction for applications in electronics , pharmaceutical (GMP),  agribusiness, food, automotive, Biological industries.  We are also capable for mechanical and electrical installation works  for manufacturing plants, hotel and apartments (including processing pipe, electricity, and intellective control system  etc).
WCRS was founded in 1998 originally as an industrial air-conditioning equipment manufacturer.  We have strong capabilities for clean room design and construction from class100 to class 300,000, mechanical and electrical installation, intellective control system set up, special process piping, especially large facility construction.  We have a strong design and construction team,  and won a lot of customer recognitions for meeting the tight schedule, ambitious cost target and strict site safety guidelines.Constant Temperature Ventilation Laboratory price

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