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Reciprocating Pumps
P41-Double LNG L-CNG 800-2000L Natural Gas refilling
Group: P41-double
Model: T800-1500/25 (Liquid Fluid 800-1500L/H,  Max Pressure 25MPa)
Model: T1500-2000/25 (Liquid Fluid 1500-2000L/H,  Max Pressure 25MPa)

The ex-proof featured L-CNG cryogenic pump has been playing a dominant role in our daily sales service, for L-CNG filling stations booms everywhere in China, since 2015. It’s usually configured with single , double, or triple cold ends of P41 to meet different flow rate requirements to natural gas fueled vehicles. Furthermore, it is widely deployed in peak shaving stations to supplement and pressurize gas for the city pipeline networks and by now, this T series LNG piston pump has taken over 50% of L-CNG filling market share.
Benefits and feature:
1. Single or multiple cold end design to meet various flow rates, and as well reduce the flow impulse.
2. All electric devices as motors and control units are ex-proof to fit the LNG working conditions.
3. Specially made seals ensure a long time of free maintenance to the cold end, close to 3500 hours.
4. 24-hour persistent using available.

Working medium:
LNGReciprocating Pumps

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