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China Glitters And Flakes manufacturers
Name: Glitter powder in bottles
Size/Thickness: 1/8-1/256inch
Material: PET
Colour: Silver,gold,red,blue,green,purple etc
MOQ: 1000shakers
Sample: Available
Packing: 12shakers/box,12boxes/carton
Application: Christmas Art and Craft, Children Education and DIY, Screen Pringting, Cosmetics, Nail Care, Plastics, Cards
Lead Time: Within 5days (based on the MOQ and customers' requirements)
Shipment Port: Ningbo
Payment Term: T/T, L/C
1. Metallic glitter powder: epoxy coated, acid&alkaline resistance,180℃
2. Rainbow glitter powder: epoxy coated, acid&alkaline resistance,180℃
3. Holographic glitter powder: epoxy coated, acid&alkaline resistance,180℃
Usage of onion powder
1. The use of golden onion powder in home decoration. Golden onion powder is widely used in paint spray decoration, furniture spray decoration, as well as many interior decorations, murals, such as craft glass products, colored glass vases, polycrystalline glass and crystal balls, have strong visual effects and feelings, add a lot of color to our home life.
2. The use of onion powder on wallpaper. Golden onion powder is a kind of scattered and bright gold powder, which is also evident in wallpaper, cloth and printing. Nowadays, many Wallpapers use it. Their flashing and reflecting characteristics and various colors inject vitality into wallpaper, making the wallpaper's style and material more beautiful and diversified.
3. Golden onion powder is also widely used in cosmetics, including all kinds of eye shadow, blush, gloss, nail polish and so on, which contain golden onion powder, which makes them more colorful and brighten. It adds a lot of aesthetic feeling to people's daily life, and adds a lot of fun to life.China Glitters And Flakes manufacturers

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