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Pear-shaped Lifting Ring
Yaguang Rigging Co., Ltd. is an economic entity combined with scientific research, processing and trade as well as one of major and main production-manufacturing bases in China, covering an approximately area of 78,000 m2, including building area of 69,300 m2. The Company possesses almost 150 sets of production equipment, and the product is equipped with full detection tools.
With the development of economy and based on the requirements of all-rounded, thoroughness, standard and matching, our Company (Group) is organized by the existing 6 single plants, so as to further deepen re-engineering development advantages of the Company. Our Company is specialized in producing slings, riggings, lifting belts, electro-hydraulic maintenance tools as well as detection device. We have a long history in production with advanced equipment, and have an integrated quality assurance system in the process of product manufacturing.

Product line of our Company includes round steel slings, billet lifting clamps, C-type slings, electric horizontal rolling lifting tools, electric overturning slings, lifting cross beams, combined lifting beams, flexible slings, flat slings, chain riggings, wire rope riggings, etc., and is wholeheartedly at domestic and foreign users' service.
Yaguang Rigging Co., Ltd. is practical-minded and devoted to the innovation, we aim at developing lifting and detection tools of high-quality and high-grade, promoting the development of lifting and maintenance industries of China, and development in more than two decades has supplied plenty power to expand the Company and most importantly, cultivated a batch of technical talents for the Company. The Company always strengthens on scientific and technological progress as well as high-tech development, and devotes to serve foreign users; new and old customers are welcomed to carry out cooperation. By adhering to the business philosophy of "Customer demand is our market orientation", Yaguang Rigging Co., Ltd. will be better in the future.Pear-shaped Lifting Ring

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