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China Mild Tank Washing Nozzle
Spray ball for 5 gallon bottle washing machine
ModelD19 rotating nozzle for 5 gallon bottle cleaner
Connection3/8" BSPP
Recommended pressure2.5-3.5 bar
Max. tank diameter1.2m
Applicationrinsing and cleaning of tanks / containers
FiltrationLine strainer with a mesh size of 0,3 mm/50 mesh
Design features :
● Double bearing design with excellent rotation effects, and better stability and longer life bearing
● Self-cleaning self-lubricating design
● 360 degree self-rotating cleaning nozzle, cleaning every place of your containers
● Low consumption of liquid, operating at low pressure
● Driven and lubricated by the cleaning fluid
● The compact and hygienic design meets requirements for use in CIP system
● Well suited for cleaning of 5 gallon bottle
Performance Data
Application:China Mild Tank Washing Nozzle

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