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316L Stainless Steel Coil suppliers
Our History
In 2000, Yongxin Precision Steel Belt Factory was established;
In May 2005, the second Italian reversible rolling mill was introduced, and the company changed its name to Yongxin Precision Materials Co., Ltd.;
In June 2007, the introduction of the US 20-roll Sendzimir mill;
In July 2007, Yongxin International Singapore was successfully listed on the Main Board, after which the company changed its name to Yongxin Precision Materials (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.;
In March 2008, the first continuous bright annealing furnace was newly built;
In May 2008, the German BS straightening straightening machine was introduced;
In 2011-2016, two new furnaces will be refurbished, and the output of precision stainless steel belts will reach 10,000 tons/year;
In 2016, the R&D center was successfully upgraded and upgraded, adding more than 10 advanced professional testing instruments;
In 2017, the 1# cold rolling mill was upgraded and upgraded successfully, with a new cold belt of 5,000 tons/year.
Our Factory
Yongxin Precision Materials (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Taihu Lake. It is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province specializing in the production of precision ultra-thin alloy materials. The company was founded in 2000 and covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters. The main equipment is imported from the United States, Germany, Italy and other countries. The main products are various stainless steel belts, precision carbon steel and chrome-plated steel belts.
The company's leading products for smart phones with medium plate / back plate precision stainless steel belt, SPCC precision cold-rolled ultra-thin steel belt for toy industry, semi-etched precision stainless steel belt for communication industry, low carbon steel precision cold-rolled steel belt for LED industry. As a private high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, the company always regards product quality as its life, and takes the production of “excellent, special and refined” products as its direction, adheres to “scientific and technological innovation, product pursuit of excellence, quality excellence, and enhancement of customers. Satisfied with the quality policy, to provide users with quality and satisfactory products.
Our Product
1, Stainless steel belt
Thickness (0.05 mm – 0.80 mm)
Width (10mm-610mm)
2, Cold rolled steel strip
Thickness (0.035mm – 0.60 mm)
Width (50mm-520mm)
3, Chrome steel strip
Thickness (0.10 mm – 0.15 mm)
Width (405mm-515mm) and a variety of soft, hardness, a variety of surface conditions.
Product Application
Products are widely used in electronic information, smart phones, high-energy batteries, new energy car batteries, optical fiber communication cables, automotive parts, metal hoses, medical, textile, metal products, semiconductors and other industries with special needs.
Our Certificate
1. High-tech enterprises
2. Science and technology small and medium enterprises in Jiangsu Province
3. Jiangsu Famous Trademark Certificate
4. Safety production standardization three-level enterprise
5. ISO9001:2015
6, ISO14001: 2015
7. Wuxi AAA-level contract and trustworthy enterprise
8. Jiangsu Province Informationization and Industrialization Integration Pilot Enterprise Certificate
9. Two-in-one integration management system evaluation certificate, etc.High-tech products:
1) Semi-etched precision stainless steel belt for communication industry;
2) Low-carbon steel precision cold-rolled steel strip for LED industry;
3) SPCC precision cold rolled ultra-thin steel belt for toy industry;
4) Smart plate with medium plate / back plate precision stainless steel belt.
Invention patent:
1. A production process of cold-rolled ultra-thin deep-drawn steel strip;
2. A production process for precision stainless steel belts for high-end mobile phones;
3. A production process for high-precision cold-rolled carbon steel strips for the electronics industry;
4. A method for producing a low carbon steel precision cold rolled steel strip for the LED industry;
5. A semi-etched precision stainless steel belt for the communication industry, its production process and its use;
6. Low-carbon steel precision cold-rolled ultra-thin steel strip for the toy industry, its process and its use.
Utility model patent:
1. Cold-rolled ultra-thin steel strip online oiling device;
2. A cold-rolled ultra-thin steel strip online oil brush;
3. A bell-type bright annealing furnace;
4. A slitting stainless steel thin strip take-up anti-jump device;
5. Micro tension control device;
6. Annealing tool for cold-rolled ultra-thin deep-drawn steel strip;
7. Stainless steel belt degreasing cleaning unit;
8. Stainless steel belt bending and straightening process lubrication device.
Production Equipment
It has the world's advanced level of the United States 20-high-precision Sendzimir mill, the German stretch straightening machine, Italy COSMEC equipment, continuous bright annealing furnace and precision shear finishing unit and other production equipment.
Production Market
The company's cold-rolled steel strip products are mainly sold in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and mainland China. The chrome-plated steel belt has a maximum sales volume of 15,000 tons/year, an extremely thin cold-rolled carbon steel belt of 6,000 tons/year, and a stainless steel strip of 5,000 tons/year.
Our service
Organize production and control quality in strict accordance with the standards required by customers. Follow up the customer's usage, timely feedback, and timely adjust technical quality measures. At least two visits to customers each year, tracking the use of the company's products, quality, technical improvements, etc. In response to customer quality objections, open a special meeting to analyze the reasons, formulate preventive measures for rectification, verify the implementation results, and continuously improve the quality and service of the company's products.316L Stainless Steel Coil suppliers

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