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cheap heat setter
Machine Description :
The Stenter Machine is used for fabric drying and setting process. According to the different configurations to develop two series LMHT658 and 858.
Process Flow:
1.unwinding → 2. expanding→ 3. centering→ 4. overfeeding → 5. web straightening→6. expanding →7. overfeeding → 8. selvedge uncurling →9. pinning or clip-ping(edge gumming)→ 10. stentering → 11. air cooling → 12. trimming or edge absorbing → 13. pinning off or clip off → 14. water cooling→ 15.plating
Stenter function:
Through the padding of various dyeing materials for soft, stiff, non-slip, tenter and resin finishing and also can improve the fabric feel, slip, color, width, strength, appearance, etc.
For non - cotton varieties, it can also have function with stabilizing the size.
Stenter principle:
The fabric dipping in the tank ,the pressing by the roller and enter into the oven.Cloth through the oven will be under the action of high temperature hot air drying stereotypes, after the stereotypes of the cloth has a good feel and stable size.
Technical parameter
1. Machinery width1800-3600mm
2. Machine speed10-100m/min
3. Overfeeding range  -10% ~ +50%
4. Heat sourceGas, biological powder, heat transfer oil, electric, steam
5. Drying temperature120-220℃
6. Rail formCasting rail
Good after-sales service
Equipment service:
We can supply you:
1. During the installation, need your cooperation, that can reduce time.
2. Finishing the installation, qualified training and instruction for your operators.
3. During the production, the machine has problem that we can  remote diagnosis via modem.
4. When the equipment failure, maintenance and repair works by professional person.
Modernization and modifications:
We can offer professional support for upgrades and modernization of our equipmment.The productivity of existing lines can be increased with cost spending.
Modernization item:
1. Improve the quality of the products.
2. Improve the capacity of the equipment.
3. Saving the energy costs.
4. Reduction of production costs.
Mob: 0086- 13961898880
Tel: 0086-510-83386881
Fax: 0086-510-83386880
Add:No. 15. Longtan Road , Qianzhou Industrial Area, Huishan District ,Wuxi City , Jiangsu Province , China .
Website: http:// http://www.xindoumachine.comcheap heat setter

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