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Oximeter factory
Sharing power bank station Feature:
5000 mah power bank 12 pcs
12.5 inch LCD screen for advertisement , movies ,musics
Andriod system
Screen resolution: 1920*1080
Sharing power bank station parameters:
1.Battery Capacity : 5000mAh
2.Power Bank Size :76x129x14mm Power
3.Station Size:38X25X24cm
5.AC Input:AC100V-240V 50Hz Max power:95W
6.Communication method:4G or 4G+wifi
7.Material:ABS fire proof+Metal
8.Charging Time:4-5hrs
9.Warranty:12 months
10.LOGO:can be customized
Items should to pay attention :
power station with 12pcs power bank, scan QR code then rent power bank .
II.Software including APP  and Telecommunication module 4G module.
1. 4G module :pls give us the the SIM card from your country , then we can customize 4G module as same as your country's 4G module.
 If  you dont want that trouble, you can use WIFI.
2.App can be provided by your team, or can be designed by our engineer team, otherwise you use our domestic APP such as wechat or Alipay .
The App is used for consumer to pay money and merchant to receive money and power banks management.

Application accasions for sharing power bank station :
sharing power bank station factory production line :
Certificates :Oximeter factory

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