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Britain In-line PRCD manufacturers
Function and use: HJAL 1-10 / I series residual current (leakage) protection plug is suitable for single-phase circuits with AC rated voltage of 187V ~ 242V and rated current of 10A. Its main protection function is to quickly cut off the power supply within 0.1 seconds for electric shock to the deadly person, which not only protects personal safety, but also protects electrical equipment from damage. When other protection measures fail, it can also be used as a supplementary protection for direct contact. This product has passed the national mandatory certification and obtained the CCC certification.
1. Provide professional guarantee for electric hot water faucet.
2. The imported special integrated circuit is adopted, which has reliable performance, strong anti-interference ability, and good resistance to shock voltage; it is sensitive to work and will not malfunction.
3. Operating voltage range: 187V ~ 242V can work normally.
4. The series of products can meet the different needs of users, and are matched with various single-phase electrical appliances.
5. It is extremely convenient to use, wherever the protection plug is used, the safe electricity is guaranteed.Britain In-line PRCD manufacturers

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