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Hub Bearing factory
Double-row tapered roller bearings, which include many variants and have different functions. According to their design, these bearings can withstand radial heavy loads, axial loads in both directions and have a high degree of rigidity. Double-row tapered roller bearings are commonly used in gear boxes, lifting equipment, steel rolling mills and mining machinery, such as tunnel boring machines.
Be careful when installing and removing bearings
Different types and sizes of thin-walled deep groove ball bearings have different installation methods and tools, including mechanical or hydraulic. Here is mainly to explain some general basic installation methods and precautions.
First, do not install hard on the ball, this will cause the ball and the contact surface to be partially overloaded, resulting in premature failure of the bearing.
Second, do not use hard tools, such as hammers, screwdrivers, etc., to hit the surface of the bearing, which will cause the outer ring of the bearing to break or brittle.Hub Bearing factory

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