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Template Crusher factory
With China's rapid economic development, efforts are being made to find alternative new resources to prepare for the sustainable development of the human economy while realizing the rapid economic development.The fundamental purpose of environmental protection that we advocate is related to the survival and development of human beings. Its essence is to require a great increase in social productivity.Environmental protection and economic development complement and promote each other.Today's market competition is also becoming very fierce. If an enterprise wants to survive well, it must have its advantages.In this highly competitive market, Henan auric manufacturers have received very high public praise from users, which is also the main reason why Henan auric manufacturers do not stand up in the fierce competition. gold cups and silver cups are not as good as the public's public praise, and each advertisement does not give users a good word. it is in line with the concept of user first that Henan auric continuously improves its technology and service level, striving to make users experience good quality and affordable prices.
It is very common for fragile parts such as packing box crusher screws to rust and even break. If it is light, the blade screen may damage or injure the operator. Many people are very confused about whether there is any way to prevent the formation of secondary injuries.When assembling the packing box crusher, the screws and other vulnerable parts should use anti-breaking adhesive bubbles, even if they break, they will not fall into the machine cavity.Secondly, rubber chains should be arranged at the opening of the crusher cavity of the packing box, and an angle of 45 degrees is appropriate, so that feeding will not be affected, and screw fragments can be prevented from flying out of the opening of the cavity.Customers who are purchasing or preparing to purchase packing box crushers need to pay attention to the installation of many centers and do not ignore these important matters.Packing box crushers should be installed in cement-based or sensitive factory consumption bases. Henan Auric packing box crushers can also use wooden frames or other metal data consumption bases. Users can use them according to their own conditions, but they must ensure that the appropriate power ratio is stable together, pulley grooves are parallel, and different triangular belts are selected.Cable and insurance for packing box crusher shall be selected according to motor type.
Packing box crusher is suitable for shredding all kinds of wood, plastics, frame materials, waste conveyor belts, filing cabinets, oil filter elements, waste televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, computers, mobile phones, freezers, etc., waste household appliances and their housings, CD discs, glass wool, glass, waste office supplies, motor housings, waste electrical appliances, battery housings, steel furniture, etc.The discharge size of packing box crusher can be adjusted according to the requirements of users.Auric packing box crusher equipment adopts microcomputer (PC) automatic control, with start-up, stop, reverse rotation and automatic reverse rotation control functions. Users can reduce damage to equipment due to misoperation.According to the customer's requirements for finished products, different cutter configurations are changed, and the crusher shaft of the packing box adopts heat treatment process, so that the wearing parts of the whole machine are wear-resistant and durable, and the service life is greatly prolonged.The packing box crusher is driven by a speed reducer and has the characteristics of low rotating speed, large torque and low noise.The material speed of the packing box crusher is improved, and the output is greatly improved; moreover, the packing box crusher has compatibility with wood, rubber, circuit boards and wires.
Crushing materials
Wood (waste furniture, branches and branches, wood leftover materials, wood planks, solid wood, etc.)
Rubber (e.g. used tires, adhesive tapes, rubber hoses, industrial rubber products, etc.)
Plastics (all kinds of plastic films, plastic bags, woven bags, plastic bottles, material frames, plastic blocks, plastic cans)
Pipe (e.g. plastic pipe, PE pipe, metal aluminum pipe, etc.)
Ton bags (such as ton bags, plastic bags, woven bags, etc.)
Domestic waste (e.g. domestic waste, kitchen waste, industrial waste, garden waste, etc.)
Electronic appliance refrigerator, circuit board, portable computer casing, TV casing, etc
Paper (e.g. old books, newspapers, magazines, photocopies, etc.)
Meat (animals or domestic animals, such as pork, bones, etc.)
Glass (e.g. lamp tube, glass wool, glass cup, glass bottle and other glass products)
Packing box crusher equipment is a new type of green and environment-friendly crushing equipment. It is specially used for crushing various wood wastes, such as construction site templates, waste wood, waste templates, wooden pallet, square timber, containers, waste doors and windows and other wood raw materials for reprocessing and utilization. Its products have large crushing yield, are green and environment-friendly, and are efficient, energy-saving and do not pollute the environment.Compared with the traditional crusher equipment, the new packing box crusher is reasonable in design, compact in structure, durable in grinding, high in production efficiency, and good in effect after being popularized and used. The whole set of equipment is driven by only one motor, and has no noise and pollution, simple in structure, compact in arrangement, low in price, stable in work, low in energy consumption, high in yield, good in effect of sawdust finished products, low in processing cost, stable in quality, simple in operation, convenient and easy to learn.The output can be customized according to customer requirements.In the process of continuous innovation and development of packing box crusher equipment, targeted countermeasures should also be taken against the existing difficulties and problems.In the new year, Henan auric manufacturers are confident, qualified and capable of producing more crushing equipment for users.
Because of its structure and performance, packing box crusher has become a kind of energy-saving and environment-friendly equipment, filling the domestic gap. Once it is introduced, it is very popular in the market.At present, the multi-function packing box crusher of Auric Machinery has been manufactured and practiced for many years and improved according to the actual situation in China. More than 30 cities and regions in China have made great contributions to the recycling of waste.The multifunctional packing box crusher adopts special technology and process, which well solves the technical problems of various materials in the crushing process and ensures good shredding effect and crushing efficiency.All kinds of wastes have benefited from secondary utilization. Henan Auric has reformed and perfected all parts of the packing box crusher equipment to improve the performance and quality of the equipment.At the same time, it also saves a lot of manpower and time and creates greater benefits for customers.
The continuous innovation of the packing box crusher has achieved a breakthrough in the traditional process. The Orik Henan brand packing box crusher is compact in design, energy-saving in energy consumption, and simple and convenient in operation. The crusher has changed the harsh environment for garbage stacking, satisfied the reuse of resources, and realized the dream of large-scale production.
In the new year, we should make great efforts to promote the optimization and upgrading of industries, change the development mode, improve the innovation ability, and make great efforts in after-sales service. We should keep in mind our mission, Do not forget your initiative mind, realize the requirements of high-quality development, actively build a modern economic system, and speed up the development of enterprises as new sources of growth.Strive to write a new chapter in the development of packing box crusher to catch up with and surpass and achieve high quality.It aims at environmental protection and energy saving, high efficiency and low consumption, green and low carbon, and intelligent automation.We will speed up the overall promotion of crushing equipment, fully and deeply supervise the quality of products, have clear design objectives, and provide a strong guarantee for striving to write a new chapter in the innovation and development of packing box crusher manufacturers in the new era with a brand-new look in the new year.The packing box crusher has made effective improvements in terms of equipment performance, appearance, energy consumption, accessories, maintenance, discharging and other aspects, and this packing box crusher relies on its efficient and environmentally friendly crushing performance.
After-sales service: the whole machine is guaranteed for one year and the equipment is maintained for life.Spare parts will be provided for life, contact customers regularly, and our service personnel will guarantee to give a definite solution within 24 hours and rush to the site within 48 hours for handling problems encountered in the production process of domestic customers.Template Crusher factory

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