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Wall Mounted Vanity Units factory
Model: P-1902.280
Side cabinet:400*1200*140mm锛圱hree set锛?/p>
Basin type:Sink basin
Minimum order quantity: 10 sets
Our wall mounted sink vanity unit with two cabinets, countertops and counter cabinets adopt a wall-mounted design of up and down classification, which escapes the design of traditional bathroom mirror cabinets. There are seven grids in the upper two cabinets, which can be used to place aromatherapy, perfume and other things that can create a fresh atmosphere. You can also place some art pieces to decorate the bathroom while delighting our body and mind.
About us
Linhai Paluona Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing and sales of bathroom furniture. We are known for having high-quality color selection, highest quality and unique slab sizes, which we are proud of. Over the years, our visionary management team has created an enviable reputation at a very cost-effective price to create truly satisfying and stylish bathroom furniture suitable for modern offices, commercial spaces and residences. Linhai Paluona Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. employs more than 320 skilled workers every year and has a workshop of 65,000 square meters. Linhai Paluona Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. produces approximately 630,000 solid plates, countertops, sinks and decorative plates every year. And has been highly recognized by customers from all over the world.
Go beyond yourself and find the project you need. We have our own design team, research department and advanced equipment. We can provide you with professional services of design, mold, production, and shipment. Our team can design the project according to your requirements first, our first goal is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Linhai Paluona Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. has a good reputation in the field of bathroom furniture. Try our best to develop win-win cooperation with partners.
Q: What are you transporting through
A: Shipping.Wall Mounted Vanity Units factory

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