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Excavator Attachments price
Product Application:
Drum cutter is mounted on excavator with excavator hydraulic power, which can be used for asphalt pavement, walls, ditch. It can also equipe with trenches, diamond saw blades for sawing granite, etc.
Product Features:
A)Excavator drum cutter has Low noise, low vibration, and environmental protection.
B)Safe construction, high efficiency, small particles excavated by milling, can be directly used as filler.
C)Flexible application, you can replace different milling cutters, groove milling cutters, rock saws, etc. according to the operating environment. Replacement is simple and convenient.
D)Excavator drum cutter is very Simple installation, economical maintenance, can effectively replace tools such as buckets, breakers, etc., which will bring you great fun and a strong sense of power for your construction in the new era.Excavator Attachments price

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