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Wholesale Thermometer
Product Description
鈼?FAST MEASUREMENT: The innovative infrared technology measures forehead temperature in under 1 second, whether you use the touch or non-touch option.
鈼?ACCURATE AND RELIABLE: Due to the unique innovative technology, this NON touch plus forehead thermometer captures the heat naturally given off by the forehead to calculate body temperature.
鈼?EASY TO USE: This infrared forehead thermometer is non-invasive. A measurement can be taken even while a child is sleeping.
鈼?SAFE AND HYGIENIC: Non-touch option helps minimize spreading of germs. Completely safe for use on children and adults.
(1)Fever warning backlight
(2)Voice function
(3)32 Data Retention
Model: WT202
Type: Non-contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer
Measuring range:
(1) Body Temperature: 93.9掳F ~108掳F
(2) Objective Temperature: 0掳F~140掳F
Accuracy: 卤32.36 掳F
Response Time: < 0.3 second
Weight: 125g (With 2*AA battery) / 95g(W/O battery)
Payment term
T/T . 50% advance payment.Wholesale Thermometer

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