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Buy Stretch Film Machine
Cast Film Machine
Main Description
This cast film machine unit is our company's continuous accumulation of experience on the basis of many years of casting equipment manufacturing and customer use actual operation, combined with foreign advanced technology, continuous update and transformation, with high plasticization, easy operation, long machine life, power saving, etc. The cast film production unit with foreign technology is mainly suitable for the production of LLDPE, LDPE, PE and other cast films. The unit adopts advanced intelligent industrial control system, with hidden automatic cutter, automatic material cutting, automatic roll change by manipulator, The automatic loading and unloading of paper tube device ensures safe and convenient operation, and the rewinding is stronger and smoother, ensuring the quality of the product. Greatly improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and create value.
Double Extruder Co-Extrusion, product can be single side sticky to save glue cost. Machine real stable working speed 150/Min. PLC Touch Screen Control, easy operation, high efficiency. Machine equipped with high speed edge online recycle system, entire process full automatic, save manufacturing cost and labor cost. Winder PLC control, reduce labor cost, high efficiency.
Details Description
Edge Online Recycle System
Hydraulic Net Changer锛汼tatic Side Locker锛?/p>
Servo Drive Flying Blade Cutting winder
Screw Dia桅90mm+桅60mm桅110mm+桅60mm
Product Width500-1000mm(500脳2 rolls)500-1500mm(500脳3 rolls)
Film Thickness0.01-0.03mm0.015-0.04mm
Design Line Speed200m/min200m/min
Production Capacity170kg/h240kg/h
Main Motor55kw+22kw90kw+30kw
Total Power180kw230kw
Overal Demension12000mm脳5000mm脳4000mm13000mm脳6000mm脳4000mm
Power Supply380V/3P/4L/50Hz380V/3P/4L/50Hz
Screw Dia桅130mm+桅80mm
Product Width500-2000mm(500脳4 rolls)
Film Thickness0.015-0.04mm
Design Line Speed200m/min
Production Capacity300kg/h
Main Motor110kw+45kw
Total Power270kw
Overal Demension14000mm脳6000mm脳4000mm
Power Supply380V/3P/4L/50Hz
1. Our machines can be customized according to different requests锛宻uch as: Width 1-2meter, layer 2-7 layers, so clients can always match their market request.
2. Due to the continuous improvement of the products, the appearance and technical parameter subject to change without notice.Buy Stretch Film Machine

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